Wardrobe Carton

Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes

Are you moving house or rotating your wardrobe and want to store and transport your clothes without them getting crushed?

Buy heavy duty cardboard wardrobe boxes for moving your clothes and accessories.

Our cardboard wardrobe cartons allow you to pack and move your clothes easily and securely, making moving house quick and easy.

The cardboard wardrobes come with a hanging pole and sealable door to ensure your clothes can be stored and transported without being creased or crushed.

Also great for storage, the cardboard wardrobes can be used to store your winter/summer clothes when not in season, giving you extra wardrobe space. 

Made from double walled corrugate, the cardboard wardrobe removal boxes are strong and durable to ensure that your clothes are well protected once packed up and in transit.

Warning signs and pre-cut carry handles also make life easier for customers looking to move clothes.

Cardboard Wardrobes can be extremely helpful during the moving process. We are experts in home moving and offer everything you will need when you are moving home.

Remove the stress from moving with our cardboard wardrobe boxes that are easy to handle and use. Our cardboard wardrobe cartons make moving simple as they can transport your clothes to your new home safely.

If you are looking to keep your clothes protected without having to fold them into boxes or suitcases you can hang them in a durable cardboard wardrobe as they wait to be returned to their pride of place.

Our cardboard wardrobes are constructed with double wall cardboard boxes and will prevent your coats and jackets from being squashed, crushed or covered in dust during the moving process. Another benefit of our cardboard wardrobes is that they come with extra space for mover to store their accessories such as handbags and shoes.


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