Storage By The Crate
Cost Per PCM

    Our storage crates are strong and robust with a huge 65 Litres of storage per crate. Unlike cardboard boxes our plastic boxes are also crush proof and water resistant ensuring that all contents are kept safe. They have ergonomically designed comfort-fit handles with heavy-duty attached lids which makes them easy to carry when they are full.

    Minimum Order Qty is 10 crates

    Minimum Storage Period is 3 Months.

    If you have any queries email us. 

  • Product details:
    (Measurements LxWxH)
    o External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 365mm
    o Capacity: 65 Litres
    o Weight: 3.38 Kg
    o Material: Recycled Polypropylene
    o Ideal for storing Foolscap Folders
    o Tamper evident seals available
    o Pimple pads for easy removal of labels
    o Easy to carry and lightweight
    o Large storage capacity
    o Stacks and nests, saving valuable storage space
  • Collection Cost - 

    There is no charge for delivery of boxes to you but we do make a charge for collection and re-delivery.

    When you have packed your boxes contact us and we will arrange a collection date.

    Our Collection and Re-Delivery Charges  are:

    1-20 Boxes - £5.00 per box
    21-30 Boxes - £4.50 per box
    31-50 Boxes - £4.00 per box

    Minimum Charge - £12.50 to Postcode Areas BS1, BS2, BS3, BS6, BS7, BS9 and BS16. Please contact us for the minimum charge for other BS Postcode Areas.

    When you require re-delivery after your storage period please contact us and we will arrange a date to re-deliver your boxes.


    If you require a regular collection/redelivery service. Please contact us about our Special Rates Service


    If you require more than 50 boxes please ask us for a quote. 

  • Returnable Deposit

    We require a deposit before delivery of your boxes.

    1-20 Boxes - £3.95 deposit per box
    21-30 Boxes - £3.50 deposit per box
    31-50 Boxes - £3.25 deposit per box.

    At the end of your storage term and after the safe collection of your empty boxes to us we will refund your deposit

    If you have any queries please contact us.


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