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What is YYC Storage and how is it different from traditional self storage?

YYC Storage is a Calgary-based storage service that makes it easy for you to store your things without leaving your home. We pick-up your storage items from your home or business, store them in our 24/7 secured facility, and return some or all of the items when you need them. You can store anything you would in a traditional self-storage unit – your boxes, unboxed items (golf clubs, snowboards, skis, Christmas trees and more) and even furniture. Think "self storage" without all the work that comes with it.

Why store with us?

We make storage easy and pleasant by handling the loading, driving, unloading, and organizing process you would normally have to do yourself – all you have to do is pack your stuff! You can manage the entire order & scheduling process, keep track of your stored items, and ask us to bring something back, anytime, all from your smartphone or computer. Our facility is climate controlled and has 24/7 security so you can take comfort in knowing your stuff is safe. Best of all, our prices are competitive with ‘do it yourself’ storage, meaning you’re getting extra value with us.

How does it work?

It's easy - sign up for an account, and follow our simple ordering process to tell us what storage plan you need and when you’d like your stuff picked up. Once we’ve picked up your stuff, we’ll create an online inventory of your items - you can view these stored items online anytime and request some or all of them back at a time that works for you.

Where can I use YYC Storage?

We serve the entire Calgary area. Whether you live in a condo, house, or townhome, if you're looking for a convenient storage solution we're here to help. Get started today!

Pricing and Payment

How much does it cost?

You can choose to pay for space (like with traditional self-storage) or pay by the item/box (perfect for smaller storage needs). View our pricing page for details on our various options.

What do you charge for pickups and deliveries?

For our item plans, pick-ups are free. Deliveries incur a flat fee of $25 per delivery.

For our space plans, pick-ups are a $79 per hour fee, which includes a team of two storage professionals and transportation to our facility. Deliveries are also a $69 per hour fee. 

Do you have any additional fees?

In certain cases, there are additional fees if you miss a payment, no show on a delivery or keep/damage a YYC storage box, filing box or wardrobe box. Our fees are as follows:

  • Missed payment fee: $20/month incremental to what you already owe
  • Missed delivery fee: $20/delivery after first failed attempt without notice
  • Lost, irreparably damaged or stolen box: $30/YYC Storage Box, $20/Wardrobe Box, $5/Filing Box

We understand that things happen, so please contact us if you're having issues and we'll do our best to work something out. 

Additional fees may also apply if you require more than an hour of moving/loading assistance, special equipment to move or transport your things, or you require packing assistance. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order to determine if you have any special requirements.

Is there a minimum storage period or number of items?

We have a 3-month minimum storage period, but you can still retrieve your items at any time – you’ll simply need to pay the remaining balance on your account.

We do not have a minimum number of items or boxes you need to store with us - one or a hundred, we're happy to help with your storage needs. Be aware that if you have a small number of items, we recommend using our item-based pricing so you're not paying for space you don't need.

What payment methods do you accept? Do you take cash?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) through our secure payment portal on our website. As we are a recurring monthly service, we do not accept cash payments.

Is my payment information secure?

Absolutely. All payments are secured using the latest encryption software provided by our leading internet payments processor, Stripe.

When do you start billing me for my items?

Your first month's payment (plus any pick-up fees, if applicable), will be processed once your items are securely stored in our facility. Thereafter, you will be charged each month on that corresponding day - or if such day does not exist (for ex. Sept. 31), we will process your payment on the last day of the month. 

What's your cancellation policy?

You're free to cancel your service at any time, no further charges and no questions asked. Simply log on or contact us to schedule a time for us to bring all your things back. Please be aware that our minimum storage fee of three months will apply.

Not happy with something? Contact us directly and let us make it right.

Containers and Packing

What kind of items can I store?

Pretty much anything that we can reasonably carry out of your place. We think you'll find there are a lot of great ways to reduce clutter around your home, from seasonal items to things you don't use very often to cherished possessions you want to keep forever.

Just a few ideas:

  • Sporting goods (golf clubs, snowboards, skis, hockey gear, camping and fishing gear)
  • Clothing (winter or summer clothing, shoes and accessories, suits, dresses, boots, Stampede shirts)
  • Decorations (Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Easter, Halloween and party gear, art)
  • Cherished possessions (stuffed animals, toys, yearbooks, and collections)
  • Household items (kitchen items and utensils, small appliances, luggage, tools)
  • Children's items (cribs, strollers, games, and other age-specific items)
  • Parties and celebrations (backyard games, picnics, bbq's, outdoor and indoor gear)
  • Electronics (DVDs, CDs, TVs)
  • Furniture (beds, couches, tables)

Any size restrictions?

Generally, no, although please note that we cannot store vehicles or trailers, and if your items are too large for two employees to handle we may charge an additional fee for personnel and/or equipment.

What items am I prohibited from storing?

Please do not store anything illegal (drugs, weapons, etc.), flammable, explosive, perishable, living, or previously alive. If you're not sure if it's ok, please contact us first. Our Storage Agreement has a full list of items that we do not accept. We also cannot store vehicles or trailers for legal reasons.

Security and Insurance

Where is your storage facility? Can I come access my things?

Our facility is located in the Manchester area of south east Calgary. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer direct customer access to items due to permitting, insurance, and security reasons, but please note we deliver 7 days a week.

Are my belongings safe in your storage facility?

Absolutely. Our facility is climate-controlled, dry, and security-monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also monitor very carefully for pests, mold, and other hazards that could damage your stuff. In short, we take the job of keeping your belongs safe very seriously.

Do you provide insurance for my items?

Yes. Each item/box you store with us is covered up to $250 per item or box, to a maximum of $2,500 per person. This is well in excess of the zero insurance policies of many self-storage providers. Please note that your homeowners or tenant insurance policy typically covers goods not stored at your home, so you may have additional coverage there - please check! Certain credit cards may offer coverage as well. Finally, if you are worried about something, please give us a call and we may be able to provide additional protection for your items for a nominal fee. Note that we discourage storing valuables such as jewelry, precious metals, expensive art, and so on. 

Is my personal and payment data protected?

Absolutely. Everything you choose to share with us is securely stored either on our servers or our payment providers' servers and protected with the latest security technology. Our hosting provider is local and has never had a security breach and our payment provider is Stripe, one of the world's largest payment providers with an excellent security record. We take your privacy very seriously. Please review our Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional details. 

Can I lock my storage boxes?

We provide tamper-proof plastic zip ties with all of our YYC Storage boxes that you can sign or label with a permanent marker; however, if you'd feel more comfortable we encourage you to lock your items. We promise to never access the contents of your storage boxes without your permission, except in a very specific set of circumstances as agreed to in our Terms of Use (such as if required by law enforcement under warrant).

Do you have access to the contents of my boxes?

Hopefully, we will never have to open a box or inspect an item. If we are required by law or suspect a box contains restricted items we have the right to open and inspect the contents.

How do you ensure my items won't get lost in your storage facility?

We use an advanced, double-redundant inventory tracking system including the use of a unique QR code for each item to ensure we know where each of your belongings is at all times throughout the delivery and storage process.

Bookings, Delivery and Collection

How does the booking process work?

Our booking process is intuitive and easy to use! We have three easy steps:

  1. Select your storage plan
  2. Schedule a time for us to pick-up your packed items
  3. Provide us with your personal information (delivery & payment)

If something's not working, not making sense, or you'd rather deal with a real person instead of a computer, please give us a call at (403) 452-1781 or email us at and we'll get you set up.

What do I need to do to prepare for your arrival?

Please ensure all your items are packed and easily accessible and boxes are closed and sealed to the extent possible. For fragile items, we recommend carefully packing and packing note of which items are fragile – even with careful handling, the transportation process can be hard on fragile items. Also, if you need to book an elevator or make other such arrangements, please ensure this is handled to avoid service delays.

What pick-up/delivery times are available?

We offer two-hour delivery windows from 7AM to 11PM on weekdays and 9AM to 9PM on weekends. If a time-slot is full or unavailable, it will not be available for booking. Our time slots are 2 hours due to the complications of routing, traffic, pick-up durations and other factors, and we may arrive at any time during this period. However, we will do our best to send you a message in advance of our arrival to provide a more specific window once we have planned our drivers' routes.

Can I book a drop-off, pick-up or delivery on short notice?

Yes, but please Contact us directly by email or phone to ensure we can accommodate your request.

Can I change an appointment time?

Of course. Simply log in to your account and select Change Appointment. For same day cancellations, please contact us by phone at (403) 452-1781.

Are there any fees for missed appointments?

Our policy is to charge a fee of $20 for missed appointments. However, we understand that things do happen - we just ask that whenever possible you provide us with advance notice by phone or email.

Can you do drop-offs or pickups if no-one is home?

In certain cases, we may be able to leave empty boxes outside your home or with your concierge service, but we ask that you let us know and arrange for this in advance of our arrival. In the case of delivery/pickup of packed boxes or bulk items, we cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of any of your belongings resulting from leaving said items unattended. Therefore, in these cases we recommend that you be present for a pickup/delivery unless you have pre-arranged for a concierge or third party to handle the pickup/delivery.

After you return my items, will your drivers wait while I empty the boxes?

Our drivers can wait up to 20 minutes for you to unpack your items. If you'd rather take your time, no worries - just schedule a time for us to pick up any empty boxes.

Can I refill a box with new items and return it to storage?

Absolutely. When you follow the process to get item(s) back, simply check the I'd like to store more items box and we'll grab your repacked items on the date you specify (or when we drop your item(s) off, if you specify that you'd like us to wait.) 

Website and Online Closet

How does my online closet work?

Our online closet is designed to show you what you have stored with us and make it easy to update item descriptions or request return delivery of your item(s). When your items arrive in our facility, we create an online inventory of your items. For each item stored with us you are free to modify the description or request a delivery of any or all of your items. In the future, we'll be adding pictures to the closet to allow you to upload your own images for reference.

How do I change the name/description of my items?

Simply click 'edit' and type in whatever you'd like.

I'm having an issue with your website. Help!

Sorry to hear that. Please contact us and we'll get things sorted out right away.

Do you have an iOS or Android App?

We are hard at work getting one ready for you. In the meantime, all of our webpages are mobile optimized, so we recommend adding a shortcut to your phone for easy access.

Item Plans

Why choose the Item plan instead of the Space plan?

If you only have a few items or boxes to store, you can save a significant amount of money rather than paying for unused space. For example, storing a Christmas tree and two boxes of decorations would only cost $20 per month.

How big is the standard YYC Storage box?

Our standard storage box is 27 ¼ x 17 ⅛ x 12 ½, which means it holds almost 3 cubic feet of stuff. The boxes are made of extremely durable, reusable plastic that can hold up to 250 pounds on its lid.

How do I know how many boxes I need?

We recommend making an initial estimate and then ordering more than you think you need - we'll take back any empty boxes you don't use when we grab your things, completely free of charge.

What classifies as an unboxed item?

Unboxed items can be handled comfortably by one of our drivers. If you have larger items such as furniture, we can recommend an appropriate space plan for you.

Space Plans

How do I know how much space I need?

We recommend using the guides on our website and selecting the plan that best fits your needs. We will automatically adjust your plan based on how much space your items take up in our facility (the same way you would need to upgrade to a larger size at a self-storage facility if your things didn’t fit). You can also give us a call and our storage experts will help you pick an appropriate plan.

How do you ensure I am only charged for the appropriate unit size?

Once your items arrive at our warehouse we organize, measure, and inventory your items to determine how much space you require. If your items require a smaller or larger unit size, we will automatically adjust your plan and notify you. When our drivers arrive to pick up your things, we will do our best to let you know if we anticipate any changes to your chosen plan will apply.

Do you offer custom plan sizes?

Yes! Contact us if you need more space than our 10’x10’ unit and we’d be happy to put together a quote.


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